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ROAD System - Safer roads, greener cities

AI-driven solution to assess bike lanes and promote micro-mobility
About the Solution

Ensure safe and high quality bike lanes

Safer cycling through innovative solutions. Qualitative data collection from cycling lanes to maintain bike lanes of high quality.

    • Status

      In market

    • Partners

      We Build Denmark, EIT UM

    • Supporters

      EIT Urban Mobility, ESA, EU Horizon 2020


Easy identification of critical cycle infrastructure issues

Accessible and intuitive reports can easily show safety issues of the cycle infrastructures in every area of a city

Qualitative and quantitative road analysis

KPIs on how to improve cycle lines in cities through multi-perspective road analysis

Geolocalized infrastructure issues

Easy identification of critical cycle infrastructure issues

Better data-driven decisions

Data-driven green policy and budget allocation decisions

Decreased road maintenance costs

Preventive maintenance and cost-effective cycle road analysis can cut costs by 20%
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